Our small state of Connecticut really isn't home to many of "The World's largest...whatever" right? The only things that come to mind is: Stew Leonard's boast of "The World's Largest Dairy Store", and Foxwoods being the world's largest casino.

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Did you know that Connecticut is home to the world's largest multi-level indoor go-kart track? Me either, but it's legit. Supercharged is located in a massive facility in the Southeast part of Connecticut off Rt. 85, at 1 Sachatello Industrial Drive in Montville. The huge 110,000 square foot facility features all-electric, zero emission Karts, and you get to zip around almost a half a mile of track. A half mile of track is pretty much 4 times the length of the average indoor kart facility, with many more turns and levels than the average joint.

Here's a video that Supercharged posted to YouTube, where you can get a decent idea of how big this place is:

It's basically two big tracks that sit side by side, but they combine them on Thursdays for what they bill as the "Supertrack". It must be fun, all of my friend's kids love going to the karting tracks that have shown up around the state. I tried to get into one of those things once, and it's wasn't pretty.

So, for those of you who can't get into a speedy little electric go-kart, Supercharged Montville also has the usual suspects in the adrenaline park facilities world, including axe throwing, a ninja course, trampolines, and a pizza and beer vendor.

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