The village of Brewster is in the Town of Southeast in Putnam County, NY. For whatever reason, Brewster seems to be an excellent home for a bar or pub.

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Even the bars that are no longer in business enjoyed longstanding success. One of those places that's no longer around is Norm's.

Norm’s was a bar/restaurant on Route 22 in Brewster, NY that permanently closed its doors in unceremonious fashion in 2013. There are new signs of life, at the site of the once popular bar. 

P.S. I had great memories there for the most part, but here was that one night in 2004. I was there for Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. My beloved New York Yankees were tied with the Boston Red Sox at three games apiece and one of them would be headed to the World Series by the time the night was over. The Yankees were defeated in agonizing fashion on the back of Johnny Damon who had two HR’s (one was a Grand Slam) and 6 RBI’s. It was painful to have that happen and watch it in a place I loved so much.

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