A sad accident that happened in Connecticut recently is further proof that you can't baby proof your home enough, especially with curious toddlers.

According to the CT Posta toddler in Stamford was killed on Friday (September 28) by a falling television that weighed more than 80 pounds. The 22-month-old child was climbing around a dresser that was reportedly unstable and had an old fashioned tube-type television on top of it. Police say he may have been trying to climb the dresser,as toddlers often will.

The child was first taken to Stamford Hospital and later, flown to Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, where he ended up passing away from what medical experts are calling blunt-force trauma. Thursday morning police were called to the home, where the child was not breathing in his mother's arms. He passed away around 2:00 PM on Friday.

Babycenter.com has a great checklist for parents of toddlers helping make sure your home is safe for your children. After learning about this tragedy, it's worth a look at the list.

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