Connecticut State Senator Bob Duff hopes that Georgia’s bad blood with the Delta Airlines will benefit us according to WFSB.

The discourse is over Delta’s abandonment of a discount deal for NRA members who fly, and as a result, the state of Georgia criticized and officially withdrew tax benefits for Delta.

Mr. Duff believes the airline will be treated better here, as he offered up Connecticut as a potential new service hub. The offer included great incentives for the company in a recent video pitch. He represents Norwalk and Darien, and represented the entire state when he issued a “welcome” to the company’s some 33,000 employees, as well as the income they would bring to the state.

Delta Airlines is just one of many companies ditching the NRA discount in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting on February 14th.  Other Retailers have taken a firm position on gun control issues after the Parkland tragedy as well.

Here's the video from Senator Duff

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