The season premiere of Survivor is heading our way, and this time around we get to see the castaways make their way through the perils of the isolated shores of Fiji. Joe Mena hailing from Hartford, Connecticut is one of the contestants on season 35--"Heroes Vs. Healers, Vs. Hustlers". Once again the $1 million prize will be won by the strongest physical and mental competitor.

Joe says that his many years as a probation officer in Hartford. helped him develop the abilities needed to win the money because of his years of dealing with the convicts of Connecticut.

In one of the show’s teaser videos, highlighted in the he revealed:

"What separates me from everyone else — I just think my ability to really manipulate…I’ve been able to manipulate these individuals to voluntarily give me information that’s gonna lead to them going to jail. It’s not something that you just kind of learn once you’re on the island .... I’m a great manipulator. I do it every single day at work. People are just gullible.

The above did not sit too well with Governor Malloy's office, and Mena’s bosses, as criminal justice reform has been one of the focal points of the governor’s platform. Eventually those statements started sparking comment from the governor's office, indicating that what Mena stated regarding his job, was not an accurate description of a what a parole officer's job is.

Many people are in agreement that on a show like Survivor, when the cameras are rolling, people say a lot of things they normally would not say. The season premiere is Wednesday September 27th at 8pm on CBS-TV.

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