Help Wanted. It's become a sign of the times and signs that you see all over. Now many of the school districts in Connecticut are facing a shortage of school bus drivers.

In less then a week, many students around the state will be heading back to school, but with the current shortage of bus drivers available, some may have to find other ways to get to school.

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The COVID-19 virus has taken its toll on the states bus drivers, with many leaving their jobs for other jobs when schools went to remote learning at the start of the pandemic. Right now, many school districts are scrambling to fill some of the open bus driver positions.

According to, bus companies are saying that the problem has never been worse and is resulting in longer bus rides and some delays. With less drivers, there's not enough buses to cover all the routes.

Now most of the open positions are part-time, they do offer pay higher then the minimum wage, and start at between $18 and $25 dollars an hour, plus many of the schedules are very flexible.

The problem schools are also facing as they get ready to return in person for the 2021-2022 school year also includes teaching staff. Many school districts throughout the state are not fully staffed and are also struggling to find full time teachers and substitute teachers. So besides the regular hiring challenges schools face each year, this year it's been magnified because of the pandemic, and because of the pandemic relief funding, that makes it more financially feasible for people to stay home then go back to work.

Many school districts are now offering hiring incentives in the hopes of getting their staff ready, if not for the first day of school, but soon afterwards.

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