The horror of losing someone is amplified, I think, by not knowing for sure the outcome. That may be the case for one Connecticut family.

I have to think that when your child serves in any branch of the military you live every day with a fair amount of anxiety and fear in your heart for your loved one.

The awfulness of what occurred in the seas near Singapore has come home for many families, including one from Connecticut.

The Hartford Courant is reporting the sad news that one of the U.S. Navy sailors missing after a collision with a ship near Singapore is from Connecticut. The family of Petty Officer Dustin Doyon of Suffield confirms that he is among the ten missing following Monday's collision.

As navy divers search the flooded compartments on the ship for all ten of the missing sailors after the crash, the agony for all the families resonates with all of us. Our prayers go out to all of the families and friends of those who were lost, and may the ten missing Rest in Peace.

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