The cold case cards have proved to be very helpful to Connecticut law enforcement.

The 4th edition of Connecticut's Cold Case Cards has just been released by the state. Not only do the special playing cards get viewed by prisoners but the general public is encouraged to take a look to see if they can aid in any of the cold cases.

The Connecticut Department of Corrections has this to say at 

The Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Correction and law enforcement agencies statewide have created a Cold Case playing card deck highlighting 52 unsolved homicides, missing persons, and unidentified remains cases that have occurred throughout the state. These cards are being distributed in an effort to generate information and leads in solving these cold cases. Every tip has the potential to bring law enforcement one step closer to obtaining justice for victims and a sense of closure for their surviving family members.

Any opportunity to get an arrest and or conviction is of paramount importance. According to the State of Connecticut - Division of Criminal Justice, there are twenty success stories of cases profiled and solved in the last three decks of cards.

These special playing cards are the only cards that state prisoners can purchase.

While the cards themselves aren't available for the public to purchase, you can still help. You can look at all four editions of the cards by clicking on this link for the Department of Corrections where you'll find links to each of the releases as well as information on how to contact someone with your tip.

Can you imagine being able to bring closure to the family and friends of a loved one that's been murdered and their case has gone cold. Please take a look at all of the cards in the cold case decks.

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