Nothing makes me angrier than abuse against an animal. My blood is boiling just thinking about how to write this article.

A report filed with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection on Monday, 10/9/17 states that after receiving an annonymous complaint, Torrington Animal Control entered a home at 365 Beach Street in Litchfield along with State Police. They took away three sick animals, two dogs and a cat.

Yesterday, they returned with a search warrant and found a hideous scene. Officers rescued twenty seven live animals. Sixteen rabbits, four cats, three kittens and five chickens. Officers also discovered two deceased kittens.

I didn't shy away from this story is because it needs to be told. No living being should be neglected and abused. It makes me literally sick to think about what these animals lived through and how they are still suffering due to this horrific injustice. I would like to personally meet the dispicable human(s) responsible for this crime and hand down my own punishment.

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