If you have friends or relatives that live out of state, you better let them know that if they want to visit, they now have to fill out some paperwork.

On Tuesday, the office of Governor Ned Lamont announced that all out of state travelers who come from COVID-19 hot spots will now be required to fill out paperwork showing where they are from, where they will be staying in the state, and how long they will be visiting.

Lamont used an executive order requiring these visitors to submit the paperwork to the Connecticut Department of Public Health before, or when they arrive in the state.

In a prepared statement, and according to newstimes.com, Lamont announced the new order on Tuesday:

With infection rates out of control in much of the South, Midwest, and Southwest, and many tourists coming to Connecticut for summer vacation, I have made the determination that we need an enforceable quarantine order to keep Connecticut residents as safe as possible.

The action comes shortly after the Governor announced that visitors from 31 states, that have become COVID-19 hot spots, must self quarantine for 14 days. Now visitors must fill out a form that includes their name, birth date, cell and contact numbers when they are in the state.

Failure to fill out the form if your an out of state traveler, or failure to self quarantine, could cost you fines up to $1000.

According to the executive order, the only way you can avoid this process, and the 14 day quarantine, is to show you were tested for the coronavirus within 72 hours of coming to Connecticut.

The state has done very well since lowering the curve, and Lamont wants things to stay that way for as long as possible:

In taking this action, I am empowering the Department of Public Health to hold travelers accountable with significant fines for anyone not following the rules. While we do have a very low COVID-19 positivity rate in our state right now, that can change very rapidly, and this is no time to relax about taking every precaution we can to slow down the spread of the virus.

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