Sure, dig into my pocket a little bit more, feel free. NOT!

Here we go again. Even though we have enjoyed some lower prices at the gas pump for awhile now, it's still more than any of us really want to pay. Grab your wallet, because things could change, and not for the better, in our state soon.

While talk continues about the possibility of tolls making a resurgence in Connecticut, there is another issue bubbling under the state's budget woes that could dig into your wallet too.

In a report from the House chairman of the General Assembly’s tax-writing panel, East Hartford Representative Jason Rojas, is planning to offer a four-cents a gallon increase in the gasoline tax. Currently Connecticut's  retail gas tax is $0.25 per gallon.

Certainly we have heard from our Governor lately that Connecticut residents need to worry about a transportation funding crisis.

Representative Rojas had this to say to 

Something has to be done, and tolls are still several years out. We have an immediate need for revenue

I thought the excise tax was the clearest to the general public. I think there’s a lot of concern among the general public about transportation. And I think, when public officials are honest with them about the need, and if they have faith that the money will be used for transportation, they will understand

Remains to be seen whether he's right about the majority of the state's residents being understanding when it comes to more money coming out of their pockets.

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