Like most of us, I'm sure you've been watching the continuous coverage of Russia's attack on the country of Ukraine.

Granted it's a hard thing to watch as people have to flee their homes and cities where they have lived for years. Young and old alike have been displaced with little or no food or possessions, something we take for granted everyday.

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There are some 20,000 Ukrainian Americans that are currently living in Connecticut, and many are fearful of what might unfold and affect their loved ones who are still living in the Ukraine as they need help and supplies.

Now when these types of humanitarian crisis happen, it usually brings out the hoards of scammers who will prey on your emotion, however there are a number of trustworthy organizations that are lending a hand. According to, here are a few of the organizations that you can turn to if you would like to help the Ukranian people.

As many organizations are turning to help, a few to highlight are: Americares based in Stamford, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Save the Children, UNICEF, and Vostok-SOS.

In an article by my colleague, he just wrote about how New Britian's Little Poland is also rallying together to help. Additionally, city of New Britain has lit up the Beehive Bridge which carries New Britain's Main Street across Rt. 72 with Blue and Yellow lights in support of the Ukrainian people

If you choose to do so, there are multiple different ways to donate.


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