Connecticut has everything: Not one, but two of the largest casino's in the world, luxury, mid-range, and low-cost retailers, oceanfront properties and more Italian and pizza restaurants than all of the Midwest USA combined. The only things we don't have? In-N-Out Burger, Waffle House, and Skyline Chili.

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We honestly have no chance with Waffle House, the closest they've come to us is Pennsylvania. In-N-Out Burger has recently announced that the furthest East they're coming this year is Tennessee. I'm here to formally request Cincinnati, Ohio's Skyline Chili to gaze across Pennsylvania to us little Nutmeggers.

Not familiar with Skyline Chili? Neither was I until I took a road trip to go check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. As we were driving around checking out the local scene, I passed by a Skyline Chili. What a concept, right? A menu featuring chili? How many options of chili dogs could there be? But Skyline's famous 'Coneys' hot dogs are eye-popping, they come out covered in a fat layer of shredded cheese, and the chili is damn good.

Think about it - Where could you go in Connecticut if you want just a straight up bowl of chili? My instinct is Wendy's, or maybe HooDoo Brown, or Hindsight, or another one of our many BBQ joints. Chili nachos? Chili burrito? An old school Chili Frito pie? Stop & Shop?

We don't need In-N-Out, we have G's Burgers, or Plan B, or Ted's. We really don't need Waffle House, when Leo's, Chip's, Dottie's, and IHOP live. Skyline Chili though? There's a need.

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