A Guilford family's dog named Simon has been on death row for 9 months and the family is fed up.

The story was sent to me from Mark Goldman who owns Goldman McCormick PR. The questions are, 'Why has Simon been locked up for nine months?' and 'Why is their pet dog scheduled to be euthanized by September of 2018?"

The story is told by the dog's owner, Dr. David Young who says that a teenager who entered his yard back in August of 2017 was carrying a lacrosse stick in a threatening manner. Young says that their dog, feeling threatened, bit the teen on the leg.

Photo Credit - "Save Simon FB Page"
Photo Credit - "Save Simon FB Page"

Animal Control came and took Simon away telling Young and his family they would return their family pet within two weeks after he was checked out, and now it's been nine months. So, what do you do in a horrible situation like this when your pet has been incarcerated and sentenced to death row? You call Richard, 'The Dog Lawyer' Rosenthal!

Rosenthal contends that Simon was just trying to defend himself from what, he thought was a threat from a person carrying a weapon. Dr. Young is married with 4 kids and Simon was the family pet who was adopted from an animal shelter. If you would like to find out how you can help Simon return to his family, click on the Save Simon Facebook Page.

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