We are just days away from Thanksgiving which happens to be Thursday, November 25th this year. In between now and then we are going to need to make room in the refrigerator.

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that is truly based on and around food. Yes, on other holidays we enjoy a meal with family and friends, but let's face it, the parade and football are just things we do while waiting for the turkey to be done.

On November 15th, we will officially celebrate National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. I can't think of anything smarter than to have your fridge leftover ready by Thanksgiving. Think about it.

Whether you cook or not, you are going to need room in the fridge for extra food and even beverages leading up to the holiday. Then, when it is all over, there will be leftovers and you will need even more room for those delicious items.

Rear View Of A Confused Woman Looking In Open Refrigerator At Home

So where do you start? I have some ideas that work for me and might help you.

1 - Clean off the door - You are going to need the door for bottles of wine and other tall items you can't have the door cluttered with this past summer's condiments. Ask yourself if you are really gonna finish that last bit of maple syrup in the bottle from two years ago. What about the endless containers of mustards, pickles, and salad dressings are they necessary? They all have to go.

2 - Clean out the drawers - We all do it we put veggies in the drawers of the fridge and then forget about them. Open all the draws in your fridge. Take inventory of anything past its self-life and chuck it. The drawer room in the fridge will be essential to accepting the optimum amount of leftovers.

3 - Check the bottom shelf - the bottom shelf of any fridge can be a bit of an abyss. Somehow we tend to lose things to the back of the bottom shelf. I clean my fridge out weekly and I can pretty much guarantee that I have something expired in my fridge on the bottom shelf in the back.

Following those 3 easy steps will have you creating enough room in the fridge that you will feel confident enough to bring your own Tupperware to the Thanksgiving dinner. You know you will legitimately have enough room for plenty of leftovers.

Just be glad you don't have to clean out the refrigerators at school


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