Chris Lane takes a heartfelt, spare and very personal approach on his new song "Hero," which is the latest preview track from his new album Laps Around the Sun, which comes out next Friday (July 13).

The song's affecting lyrics take listeners on a journey of people looking for a hero to save them from their situations; one that first focuses on a lonely woman seeking a man's attention to make her feel better about herself, then moves on to the story of a boy who longs for his absent father. The song ends, ultimately, focusing on a spiritual hero: That of Jesus Christ.

"If you wanna feel something real/That this mean old world can't kill/Not even Satan, there's a savior," Lane sings. "He'll wash away your sins/All you gotta do is reap in/Open up your heart, accept him and He'll save your soul."

Obviously, the deeply spiritual composition is something that can't be delivered without a personal connection. "'Hero' is a very special song to me," Lane noted of the tune. "I’ve never had a song quite like this one. It's one of those story songs you always look for, and the third verse really hits home for me. It’s who I am, it’s how I grew up."

Lane's new record marks his sophomore album, and is the follow-up to Girl Problems, which cemented the North Carolina native’s place in country music via the success of Gold-certified singles “Fix” and “For Her.”

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