Every summer for the last 3 years Connecticut's U.S. Senator, Chris Murphy has traded in his suit for shorts, t-shirt, and baseball cap, but why?

This is what he told the Hartford Courant?

You see Connecticut in a different way when you are walking it. I think there's a risk in this job that you only see the feedback that comes back to you instead of going out and being proactive.

Along the way, he stops to talk with Connecticut residents in some of the smaller towns in the state like Hartland. Murphy will walk 70 miles through 15 towns in 4 days and is encouraging constituents to talk about the issues with him along his walking route.That is exactly what people are doing.

CT Senator Chris Murphy Leads Gun Control Filibuster In The Senate
Reporters talking with Senator Murphy after leading a 15 hour gun control filibuster - Getty Images

Many want to talk about President Trump's policies and his choice for the next Supreme Court judge. Murphy voiced his disapproval of the list of names Trump is considering.

If it's someone on that list, I'm going to fight like hell against the pick. Even if you disagree with me, I want you to come and talk with me.

If you have any questions or concerns for Senator Murphy, the following are his contact numbers.

Hartford Office - 860-549-8463

Washington D.C. Office - 202-224-4041


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