Dramatic images from a devastating house fire show first responders putting their lives at risk to save young children from the blaze.

This weekend, a terrible fire ripped through a home that was being occupied by three adults and three children. Reports say the fire may have been ignited by powerlines brought down by strong winds that blew through the Hudson Valley on Saturday.

Three local police officers were first to respond to the horrific fire. They immediately sprung into action and raced towards the fire to rescue the small children and bring them to safety.

Facebook/Stony Point Police Department

Images posted on the Stony Point Police Department's Facebook page show Officers Agovino and Ferrara holding children in their arms and running away from the burning house. Officer Mari, who was not captured on film, was also assisting with the rescue effort.

The flames were so intense that according to News 12, a motorcycle parked in the driveway exploded from the heat. The home on Rosetown Road in Tompkins Cove was completely destroyed by the blaze.

The Stony Point Ambulance corps posted images of the fire on their Facebook page.

Facebook/Stony Point Ambulance Corps

The Stony Point PD has offered its thanks to other local agencies that also responded to the disaster. Wayne Hose Company No. 1,  Stony Point Ambulance Corps, Thiells Fire Department, West Haverstraw FD, Hillcrest Fire Company No. 1 and Fort Montgomery FD all joined Stony Point PD in the rescue.

Residents have flooded the Stony Point Police Department's Facebook page to praise the officers for their quick thinking and bravery.

The Stony Point Police Department took the opportunity to remind residents to check their smoke alarm batteries when setting their clocks ahead this weekend.

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