Everyone wants to raise their family in a safe town or city. For folks in Carmel, they don't have to travel too far for that to happen.

With the way crime and violence have been going around the country recently in some of our biggest cities, peoples main concern is safety. That's why we are now seeing such a large exodus from the city to the suburbs as people look for a better life for themselves and their families.

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Well look no further then Carmel, which once again was named one of the safest small cities in the entire U.S in 2021.

The newest list of safest small cities is out, and according to safeWise.com, Carmel ranks in the 14th spot on the Top 100 list. To put this list together, the company reviewed data on crime from the FBI and used specific analytics to come up with their results.

Here's a look at the most recent crime data from Carmel that went into compiling this most recent safe cities report.

Again according to SafeWise, Carmel's current population is 34,251 and the medium household income is $105,406. Its violent crime rate per one thousand is 0.23 and the property crime rate per one thousand is 2.22.

Compare that with the number one city on the list this year, Hopkinton, Massachusetts, who had a 0.00 violent crime rate and a property crime rate of 1.61.

39 of the Top 100 towns on this years list were within 50 miles of New York City and there were four local area towns that placed even higher then Carmel, and they were Ridgefield, Connecticut at no. 6, New Castle, New York at 7, Bedford, New York at 10, and Newtown, Connecticut at number 11.

Five more Hudson Valley towns made this year's Top 100 list and they were, in order of ranking, Eastchester at 16, Harrison at 21, Hyde Park at 26, Yorktown at 59 and Scarsdale at 89.

Carmel is no stranger to these Top 100 safe cities lists, they placed at number 3 from a survey by moneygeek.com back in January and also back in 2017 they placed at 89 on that SafeWise list.

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