No matter if you have one kid or twelve kids, there's a good chance that the car seat  your using to keep your child safe is not installed properly.

You've done the right thing, you just purchased one of the newest state of the art car seats to keep your child safe. You've also installed it, and it seems to be working, but if you haven't had an expert check it out, you may be surprised how unsafe that seat really is.

That's why this Saturday, July 21st, the Bethel Police Department will be holding a Car Seat Clinic to make sure your child's car seat is installed safely and properly.

Now this clinic is by appointment only, and happening Saturday at the Stony Hill Fire Department, so you'll have to call 203-744-7900 ext.121 to book your visit time. You can also set things up online at

Technicians will be on hand to test your car seats, or to help you install a new seat.

An alarming statistic found that 95% of parents have made at least one mistake when installing a car seat, and nearly 70% of the time there were errors in both the positioning of the infant and the installation of the seat.

Don't take chances, keep your ride safe for you and your kids. Don't miss this special car seat safety clinic this Saturday sponsored by the Bethel Police Department.

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