OK Candlewood Lakers, it's time. You're the largest lake in Connecticut, you need a big painted rock shark on your shores. Sure, Chicken Rock has been famous for decades, but it doesn't look like a chicken. Brookfield HS students have commandeered that huge rock on North Mountain Road, it's the right shape and size, isn't it time for a Shark Rock around Candlewood Lake?

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Come on, it's in our blood. As New Englanders, most of us think of sharks when we're near bodies of water, right? Jaws was filmed in Martha's Vineyard, practically our backyard. A local artist needs to step up and create a nice shark rock somewhere on Candlewood Lake Road. Madison, Connecticut has one, and did you happen to know that there's also a Frog Rock here in Connecticut?

Take a look at what can happen if there's a little imagination and artistry applied to Connecticut's natural beauty.

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