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You would think that in 2019, living in such a diverse state, that there would be some sort of ethnicity to the most common surnames in CT? But noooooo, according to a post by, Smith is Connecticut's leader, followed by Johnson at 2, and Brown came at 3.

In fact, looking over the results from all 50 states, Smith dominated the entire country, coming in first in surnames in 40 out of 50 states. In our region of the country, Smith wipes the floor with any other name, the closest state to us that is not a "Smith state" is Wisconsin to our West.

Three out of the four states that border Mexico make up most of the non-Smith states, Arizona is the only holdout on that front.

Hawaii, California, and New Mexico are the only US states that don't have any of the big 3 names.

And just where did the last name Smith come from? According to our bastion of knowledge Wikipedia, Smith is very common of those of English, Scottish, and Irish descent. It's a derivative of the word Smitian, and Old English term meaning One Who Works In Metal.

Just don't go up to the next guy you meet named Fred Smith and ask him to forge you a dagger, chances are that he can't.


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