Danielle Olivier, a Physical Education teacher at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School in Brookfield, has been named our Wolf Teacher of the Month.

It's more challenging now than ever for teachers as they try and educate their students through both in-person and online classes.

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Danielle was nominated by her Mom, who had some pretty nice things to say about this hard working PE Teacher:

I'm nominating my daughter Danielle Olivier who is one of the PE teacher's at Huckleberry. She is the most energetic, fun loving, warm hearted teachers that I know. It's not because she is my daughter. I've seen how her students light up when they see her, in a store, on the street or even at the beach. Not only her young students, students that she has taught and are not in high school. But this reaction isn't just from her students, it is from the parents also. My daughter and I are very close, and we are seen together most of the time, the parents tell me how wonderful she is, not only as their children's teacher but as a person. That makes me feel so proud, which I am.

If you know a teacher who goes above and beyond, you can nominate them by just filling out the simple entry form below.

Each month, we'll select a different teacher and honor them with a fantastic meal at Barbarie's Black Angus Grill in Danbury. Also, every teacher of the month chosen will get an official The Wolf Teacher of the Month certificate to commemorate the honor.

So, nominate a teacher in your town who does so much in shaping our kids lives, then be listening on the last Wednesday of each month, that's when Bill Trotta will make the announcement.

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