If a tree falls in Brookfield, does anyone see it? That's the question I have about a home on Federal Road damaged during Tropical Storm Isaias.

On August 6th, Tropical Storm Isaias tore through the area leaving a mess in it's wake. Trees and power lines were down all over, and many residents experienced extensive property damage.

One of the homes that was hit hard was an abandoned house at 846 Federal Road in Brookfield. A massive tree crashed right through the roof of the house causing major structural damage.

Now, I pass that location everyday on my way to and from our studio, and everyday since the storm hit, I see that huge tree just lying right on the house. My main thought each time I drive by is, 'I hope that tree doesn't smash through and roll towards Federal Road, or hurt someone heading into the liquor store right next door'.

So, being the good citizen that I am, I called Town Hall in Brookfield to inquire who was responsible for removing the said tree. I was told that Federal Road was a state road, and under jurisdiction of the State Emergency Management Office in New Milford, who told me that the tree was far enough away from the road, and would have to be removed by the owner of the property.

So, unless the landlord of the house is making plans to have the tree taken down, it looks like I'll be passing it for a while, and just hoping that the next storm doesn't cause the tree to do even more damage, especially to someone nearby.

Here's a look at the Federal Road house, and the damage done by the fallen tree.

A Tree Falls In Brookfield

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