This was the text I received from my "friend" and co-worker, Melissa Martino:

Melissa's text to Linda

Nice, right?!  After I explained what would happen to our relationship from this point forward, I told her that there was one thing that she needed to do if she wanted a cordial working relationship. If Brett Young sang the song "You Ain't Here To Kiss Me," she was to leap onto the stage, grab his microphone and:

  1. Tell him that he needed to stop singing
  2. Facetime me immediately
  3. When I answer, he could resume and sing the song directly to me

I didn't think that was too much to ask considering that I broadcast my undying love to him on a daily basis.

I also had one more request:

Linda's text to Melissa

So, how was the show? Melissa reports that Brett Young was amazing and "sooooo cuuuttteee!" (BACK OFF, MELISSA!),Thomas Rhett was incredible (duh, I'm so shocked!) and that this was one of the best concerts that she has ever attended, and she goes to many so that says a lot.

She tried to redeem herself by saying that she took pictures for me. Whatever. Here they are:

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