The rumors have been running rampant this summer that actor Bradley Cooper was now calling Fairfield Connecticut his home.

Celebrity sightings are nothing new to folks in Connecticut, many Hollywood A-list stars have called the state home, now people are abuzz that Bradley Cooper may actually be living in Fairfield.

The rumors really started to hit a fever pitch a few weeks ago when there were multiple Cooper sightings in the area, including being spotted at Bartaco Restaurant in Westport with buddies Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt. We even had the story for you on our website.

The one rumor that has gained some momentum is that Bradley Cooper purchased a 10-bedroom, nearly 18,000-square-foot, $19 Million Dollar estate in Fairfield. Fans have actually been stopping by the address and dropping off cookies and muffins that they have baked and included their address with the request that he return the empty dish personally. There's also been dinner party invitations sent to him, and women have been driving by and stopping at the gate to get a look, and trying to get a date with the star.

So could this be true? Is Bradley Cooper really living in Connecticut? According to, a source close to the actor is denying reports that he was ever in Connecticut, no less living here. However, one local real estate broker say's that's not quite true. Richard Higgins Jr., the CEO at Higgins Group Private Brokerage, told the Post that "Cooper did express interest in buying a home in the area, but hasn't bought anything yet". The broker actually posted a message to Bradley Cooper fans on his Facebook page to try and dispel the rumors:

Bradley Cooper has NOT purchased 640 Sasco Hill Road, Fairfield, CT, despite the rumors!

The only thing we can figure out about Coopers recent connection to Connecticut, is that he was possibly renting the Sasco Hill Estate for a short time this summer, but looks like he's back on the left coast now. TMZ recently posted a picture of Cooper and actress Jennifer Garner, and a little girl, who may be Coopers daughter, on a Malibu beach. Bottom line on this story, is that we may never know for sure, just stay tuned.

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