Brad Paisley isn’t afraid to call folks out — even his own fans. In a hilarious video for "Selfie#theinternetisforever," the star shows off his well-known sense of humor by revealing some not-so-flattering fan selfies. But in the interest of fairness, he outed himself, as well.

Paisley put out the call for embarrassing selfies-gone-wrong for the video, and boy, did his fans deliver. The resulting hilarious video is a tribute to — or rather, a reprimand of — the admittedly ridiculous things we do for social media. The singer compiled a masterpiece montage of blurred faces and body parts to provide a visual for his message: always check the background of your selfies, and remember, what ends up on the internet never goes away.

In between photos of strangers and clips of a live audience singing along, “the internet is forever,” Paisley sings into the camera in a bathroom with a mirror behind him, which soon reveals a blurred behind of his own as he tears through the guitar solo.

Fans of Paisley’s humor and pension for puns (e.g., "you should be ashamed of your selfie") will love the new song and video, which are part of a six-video series he will be posting exclusively on Facebook leading up to the release of his new album, Love and War. The record drops April 21 and will also feature his No. 1 hit “Today,” and another track, "Heaven South," which fans can receive as instant downloads in addition to "Selfie#theinternetisforever" when they preorder the album.

Paisley has said the new record has some unique collaborations, but it’s also strongly rooted in country. “I wanted the collaborations on this record to be collaborations that took me outside of what you’d typically think and brought that other world into this, but it’s also very country,” he says.

Love and War includes two tracks with hip-hop producer Timbaland, as well as a duet with Rocker Mick Jagger. Though it was released as a single in 2016, Paisley’s duet with Demi Lovato, "Without a Fight," is absent from the album, but it ushered in a new sensibility for the artist in an era when genre blurring is becoming increasingly normal.

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