One Kingston business was the target of an online boycott threat after a "Back the Blue" sign was displayed outside one of their Hudson Valley locations.

Earlier this week while I aimlessly scrolled through Facebook, I came across a picture of the outside of one of my favorite Ulster County places to grab a quick bite to eat and to my surprise, the picture was captioned with a threat.

The threat wasn't one of violence, but a threat of a boycott against the restaurant because they have displayed a sign on the business that stated that they "Back the Blue".

The post, which has now been deleted, showed the outside of one of the Dallas Hot Wieners locations in the Kingston area that has a sign on the front that says that they "Back the Blue". The sign display was circled in the picture and the post said something like, "join us along with local activists in boycotting this business due to the fact that they back the blue".

Police Respond to Threat

After trying repeatedly to contact the person who posted the threat online (to no avail), I noticed that the Ulster County Sheriff's Office posted a picture of some of the sheriff's deputies standing outside the same business that was being threatened.

Ulster County Sheriff's Office/Facebook
Ulster County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The picture was captioned with, "Thank you to this local business who continues to support our local law enforcement!" Hundreds of Hudson Valley residents responded with thanks of their commenter said, "Personally, I think it is great when local businesses show support for the people who serve and protect our community that we all live in. Thank you, Dallas Hot Weiners!"

Another said, "As all businesses should. The ones against law enforcement would be the first to call for help. Myself, I have family and several friends in the law enforcement positions leading back to my grandfather, uncle, cousins, and nephews. I respect, appreciate and support every agency out there. And rest assured if I witnessed any one of you in distress I would come to your aid. Thank you all for all that you do."

Needless to say, I think the threat of a boycott was a failure!!! If you are looking for a place to grab lunch today, Dallas Hot Wieners has locations in Kingston, Lake Katrine, and Saugerties.

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