Connecticut is home to some of the most elite boarding schools in the United States, and some of the most famous actors, musicians, and Captains of Industry in the world are alumni.

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My wife just started a new job, and she's working at three of Connecticut's elite boarding schools, one of which is Kent School on Macedonia Road. Kent School is a private college-prep school that was established in 1906. It's not inexpensive, as you can well imagine.

Surprisingly enough, with me being in radio for 30 years, I haven't kept up on my Connecticut boarding school knowledge, you understand, right? But, in our research of the locations where Mrs. Large is now employed, I uncovered something that you may find interesting - Did you know that Ted Danson is a Kent School alumni? One of my all-time favorite actors and I had no clue. I did some digging, and once you get past Seth MacFarlane, there were quite a few very famous people that I had no idea were also alumni.

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