Blake Shelton's girlfriend Gwen Stefani gave Ellen Degeneres an imaginary tour of his Oklahoma property, revealing a few peculiarities.

Shelton's lodge sits on hundreds of acres of land, according to the pop singer, and he stocks it with wildlife. "He has like wildebeest and all different variations of deer," she tells Degeneres on Ellen.

Go ahead and Google "wildebeest" to soak in that visual — admit it, you didn't know that animal existed outside of Africa and an unfortunate scene in Disney's The Lion King!

Worried that Stefani may not enjoy his Oklahoma lodge (her word, not ours), Shelton took photos of all her appliances and replicated them at his place. Then he made sure she wouldn't have to walk on dirt if she doesn't want to. Stefani doesn't like dirt!

"His lodge is like a big man cave," she shares. "It just goes from house to dirt. I guess he went crazy putting a slab in ... of concrete so you didn’t have to walk in the dirt. And he built this overhang thing."

That there is grown-up romance, people.

Shelton and Stefani will be celebrating the upcoming holidays together. She reveals she bought him a couch for her place in California, and some chairs he can use around his property. The couple sing together on "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," the title track of Stefani's new holiday album.

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