We bid good bye to 2017, but sadly, not the cold snap. Add snow to the mix for a not-so-happy start to 2018.

Yikes! I was basking in the sunshine and warmth of Florida for Christmas as a brutal cold spell started up in Connecticut. I thought I could drag a bit of nice weather home with me, but I failed in that task. Not only will we be locked in with bitter cold, but snow will be rearing its ugly head once again this week. The question is, how much snow?

Today (January 2), the chilly news is that here in New England we are bundled up against the 8th day in a row of temps below freezing. Sure, it's Winter, and that means cold, but we haven't had a cold snap like this in years, so we tend to bristle at the thought.

Buckle up and make sure the snow blower is working. Adding insult to injury is the fact that snow is right around the corner. White stuff appears to be imminent, but it remains to be seen whether it could develop into a Nor'easter.

Pretty much everywhere you check, snow is coming on Thursday.

According to the Weather Channelright now we're in the 80% range of precipitation. Over at accuweather.com, the prediction stands at 55% for more than 3 inches coming our way on Thursday, and ctweather.com is calling for snow to develop Wednesday night and for occasional snow on Thursday.

Forecasters are keeping an an eye on the snow that’s expected to develop on Wednesday night. Just how much snow we could get depends on how the storm system tracks. Bottom line, though, is that we will see an accumulation around Connecticut and with it, frigid temperatures will remain.

I know, I know. It's Winter in New England. But arctic, blustery days and nights grow old real fast don't you think? My bags are still packed from my Florida trip and even though this week's forecast for there is for the 50s, I may have to call in sick.

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