Hello October, we've been waiting for you. Actually, this weather could have shown up two months ago, we would have all been happy. There has been a lot of rain in the area, and quite frankly, I am so done with clouds. Bring on the sunshine and mild days already!

Let's get the threat of showers for today and tomorrow out of the way because the payoff comes on Wednesday when we enter a stretch of sunny days with highs between 67 and 80 through Sunday. Take a look at what the National Weather Service is forecasting for this week:

Today: A chance of showers this afternoon, otherwise partly sunny skies and a high of 73

Tonight: Cloudy with a small chance of showers, low 54

Wednesday: Looking good! Sunny, high 77

Wednesday night: some clouds and a low of 59

Thursday: The warmest day of the week with sunshine and a high near 81

Thursday night: Carbon copy (remember those?!) of Wednesday night

Friday: SunSHINE and a high 71

Friday night: Those darn clouds return, but don't let them scare you, they got nothin' low 52

Saturday: Sunshine and a high of 67, low at night 57

SUNday: Mr. Sunshine will stick around and bring temps to about 75

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