Back in July 2020, Bed Bath & Beyond announced they would be shutting the doors at 200 of their locations over a two year period. They had not announced which locations would be closed at that time, or when, but now we have the news on the CT locations that will be no more.

USA Today was the first with the story on Friday (9/18/20), reporting that Bed Bath & Beyond would be closing these four CT locations by December 31, 2020:

  • Danbury: 13 Sugar Hollow Road
  • Farmington: 1603 Southeast Road
  • Milford: 1212 Boston Post Road
  • Torrington: 1914 East Main St.

CEO Mark Tritton had this to say on the impact COVID-19 had on business:

The pandemic was felt across our business during our fiscal first quarter, including loss of sales due to temporary store closures.

He added that the move to close 200 stores over the next two years could save the company between $250 and $350 million annually.

Some of you are going to be sad because any American business closing for good is bad news for our economy and I am with you. Others will be sad because you have feelings and will miss the place.

All I can say is, keep those feelings to yourself. If you cared so much about it, you would have been shopping there instead of on Amazon and maybe they would not be closing 200 locations and eliminating jobs in CT and all across America.

I noticed this for the first time when Toys R' Us started closing locations. Oh, so many emotional people weeping in the streets. Gag me with a spoon.

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