It was a dark and stormy night...

Get ready, we are about to experience just that. The National Weather Service is forecasting a big halt in the beautiful Fall weather that we were looking forward to. Rain is expected to move into the area by 5am tomorrow (September 23) and we could get a lot of it.

Thunderstorms are also possible between now and Wednesday and just when we seem to be out of this crummy weather on Thursday with sun and a high of 68, the rain comes back in for Friday. However, the weekend, so far, looks like a winner!

Here is the forecast from the National Weather Service:

Today: Some sun, some clouds with a high 65 and winds gusting to 20mph (woah, where are they going in such a hurry?) High near 65

Tonight: Clouds and rain starting about 5am. Low 54

Tuesday: Up to an inch of rain is forecasted. High 68

Tuesday night: Rain, maybe even a thunderstorm. Low 66

Wednesday and Wednesday night: If you like rain and thunderstorms, you'll love Wednesday. High 78, Low 57

Thursday: Hello Mr. Sun, woah, wait, come back, where are you going?? High 687

Thursday night: Here comes the rain again.Low 54

Friday: We should see some sun by the afternoon. High 68 Low 53

Saturday and Sunday will be the stars of the week with sunshine and highs near 70, lows around 53. (Nice going Saturday and Sunday!)

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