2 young cubs were saved in the Hudson Valley at the end of March.

The Department of Environmental Conservation shared in a press release, that back on March 31st, 2023 they received a report about bear cubs stranded and "motherless next to the Metro-North Railroad in Pawling."

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to bears, we understand their part of our environment and ecosystem. However, it is a strange sight to see 2 young cubs without their mother and so close to danger.

So, DEC conservation officers were called to the scene.


The DEC took to social media to explain the quick thinking of Environmental Conservation Officer Franz and how he wrangled the young cubs to safety. They write:

ECO Franz found the cubs huddled together in nearby bushes and managed to gain control of the animals, wrapping the pair in a hooded sweatshirt. ECO Franz and the railroad employee then met with wildlife rehabilitators from Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center.

Is it normal for such young cubs to be left alone? Kind of... According to The Wildlife Center of Virginia: “black bear cubs normally remain with their mothers for 17 months … they are commonly self-sufficient at five months [by June-July, depending when they were born], and they instinctively construct dens in the fall.”

To learn more about black bears in New York State and how to avoid human-bear conflict in New York visit the DEC website and check out previous black bear encounters across the Hudson Valley below:

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