When it's hot out, you just gotta cool off, and that's just what a black bear did recently in a lake at Meckauer Park in Bethel, and a local resident captured it all on video.

Apparently, there's been a black bear wandering around Bethel for the last few weeks, and when the weather started to heat up the bear did what any of us would do — he took a little swim.

Animal Control told patch.com:

They have been getting calls daily for a bear who has been in town for a week or two. He usually just travels from one bird feeder to another and moves on.

The good thing this time is we get a chance to see it all thanks to a Bethel resident who captured part of the swim on video:

Now bear sighting are nothing new in Connecticut. According to data from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, over six thousand bears have been sighted since June of 2017. This is also the 15th sighting in Bethel during this period.

They also offer some tips on keeping bears away from your yard:

  • Remove bird feeders and bird food from late March through November
  • Place garbage cans inside a garage or shed
  • Add ammonia to trash to make it unpalatable

Remember, if you see a bear, do not approach it, and stay clear, especially if there are cubs nearby.

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