Yesterday's weather was not good. The sky was opening up and the rain was coming down. It was definitely not an ideal travel day for people that were going on planes, and passengers flying home from Nashville to New Haven were there to experience it.

Avelo Flight 434 from Nashville to New Haven experienced a not-so-great travel day. Their flight was delayed two hours due to weather (understandably so), and then when the flight took off, they made their way to New Haven. According to a WFSB video, when the flight stared approaching Tweed Airport, the pilot said he wasn't comfortable landing the plane in New Haven because he couldn't see the runway.

The video continues to say that the plane went back in the air and tried approaching the runway from a different angle and the pilot still deemed the situation as unsafe. He then made the decision for them to go to Bradley Intl. Airport in Hartford to land there instead.

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The flight landed safely, but since the airport was not expecting them, there were no available ground crew to deplane all of the passengers. It is said that they were on the tarmac at Bradley Airport for about 3 hours. It was said that Avelo took care of appropriate ground expenses to get passengers back to New Haven.

While this is an extremely unfortunate travel situation and any hiccups in travel days really make the day 10x longer, I think this was in everyone's best interest and for the safety of all. I applaud the pilot for making that decision and keeping everyone safe. While things like this are extremely inconvenient, weather situations are completely out of anyone's hands and the safety of all passengers is all that matters.

For the full story, you can watch the video below.

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