You can't trust pumpkins to tell you that autumn is here. Squash that idea. In a world of all-things pumpkin by August, how can you trust a future jack-o'lantern with anything?

I have a long-time friend named Kerin McCue. We met as baby DJ's a long, long time ago in a radio station far, far away. OK, it really wasn't that far, it was in Pleasantville, NY, but I digress...That meeting quickly turned into a lifelong friendship. It was from Kerin that I learned all about the Mallomar.

Everyone has seen the bright yellow box on their supermarket shelf. What I did not know is that they are seasonal and only available in the cooler months of the year from October through April. Why, do you ask? It is because when the Mallomar was first born, Nabisco didn't want them to be a gooey mess in their delivery trucks. However, as we all know, refrigerated trucks have been a thing for a very long time. What a clever, clever marketing ploy. Who doesn't want what they can't have?

So, my friends, remember this: You will never see a Mallomar on a store shelf before Fall.

In Mallomars we trust. Get 'em here.

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