If Mr. Morning didn't need me to keep him in line every morning, I would totally go for this gig.

Watching 100 hours of television by November 1st of this year — that's what your job would be at the position that a company called HowToWatch.com is looking to fill.

They need an "Expert TV Watcher," and the pay is pretty good, too. Simplemost.com says the position offers $2,000 for less than two months of work (if you want to call watching television "work.") You don't even need a work ethic to get this job done. You just need a remote, a comfy couch and some followers on social media to get picked for this plum assignment.

If you're picked, you get access to DirecTV, YouTube TV, and other streaming services for free. You rate and document what you watch and report back to the company. If you'd like to fill out an application for this position click here. You have to submit your application by midnight on October 4th. The new hires will be notified by October 11th.

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