Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar is bringing back a beloved promotion for at least the remainder of July, and maybe even into the month of August according to PR Newswire. Applebee’s all you can eat Riblets and Tenders meals are here, and they are accompanied by bottomless French fries and coleslaw.

A company press release states:

Guests can now enjoy an unlimited abundance of saucy goodness of tender Applewood-smoked pork riblets dripping in Honey BBQ or Spicy Texas BBQ sauce, and delicious chicken tenders, juicy, breaded and piled high and dunked in Honey Dijon mustard, served with endless classic fries and a serving of coleslaw for only $12.99 starting July 9. Guests can start with tenders and refill with riblets or enjoy a tender topper after a first round of riblets with this deal that will satisfy both hunger and budgets.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

This might be a great time to check out the Applebee's closest to the radio station on Federal Road, in Danbury (jus' sayin'). The company says it wants to figure out which the popular favorite: the nuggets or riblets. Either way, it's a real deal.

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