Last night, after reporting that there would be hazardous weather, slippery conditions, black ice, etc, I parked my car in my driveway, headed towards my front door and slipped.

When I say "slipped", what I really mean is that a patch of frozen nonsense had its way with my new boot. It took me straight up into the air before I slammed back down to earth with a thud, and a gigantic new bruise on my left side.

Sounds dramatic? It was, and I am still feeling the affects. Guess what? Here we go again!

The National Weather Service has issued another Hazardous Weather Outlook for our area:

Thursday through Tuesday - the combination of 1 1/2  to 2 11/2 inches of rain, a melting snowpack and mild temperatures may result in ice jam flooding along a few streams and rivers Friday into Saturday.

Ice, flooding. I swear, if I see one locust I am boarding the next rocket to Mars.

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