It takes a lot of to stand out among grocery stores in Connecticut. We don't have Wegmans yet, or Publix, but think of other grocery store chains, chances are it's here. Well, I've discovered The Fresh Market, and it stands out, here's why.

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I wrote an article last week about the progress of Connecticut's first Amazon Fresh location, it will soon be located on Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield. I'm expecting it to look like a new Whole Foods when it opens. What I don't like about Whole Foods per se, is that after 53 years of putting nationally-branded processed foods in my face, although it may be out of fashion, I still want that option.

I love grocery shopping at LaBonne's, Big Y, and The Market in Bantam and New Milford because they've taken local products and placed them in their stores right next to the national ones. Now I have to add The Fresh Market, with locations in Avon, Guilford, and Westport to my list. There are only three of their stores so far here in Connecticut, but damn we need more.

Photo by Large "Monger" Dave
Photo by Large "Monger" Dave

Fresh Market - Avon is the store that I went into last night, and it's beautiful. Their stores are very open and airy, with one of the best selections of local / national products that I've seen here in CT. On top of it all is the customer service, all of the employees were happy on a Sunday afternoon with not a scowl in sight. Refreshing. Unique products are scattered throughout the store, I found 3 varieties of The Big Moo grilling cheeses, coffee from Trumbull's Shearwater Coffee Roasters, and German mustard that cost $30 a bottle. I didn't need any of those, but I love having the choice, and isn't that what it's all about?

I'm writing this open letter in the hope that someone from the company that owns Fresh Market, Apollo Global Management, LLC, reads it. I want to say that we need more of your markets here in Connecticut.

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