It may look peaceful and calm, but don't be fooled, the waters beneath the Housatonic River can become very dangerous and can cause problems for even the strongest swimmers.

Case in point, the bodies of two fishermen were recovered from the river earlier this month and that has prompted New Milford officials to issue a warning to all residents not to swim or fish in the Housatonic River, especially in the area near the Bleachery Dam.

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According to, fire officials from Water Witch Hose Company No. 2 are warning residents that this is not a recreational area, and not a good fishing spot. The Dam should never be approached from upstream, downstream, or even the shoreline.

The warning has been issued after the bodies of two local fishermen were recovered in the river a few weeks ago.

The fishermen, who were both from Danbury were identified as 23-year-old Johnny Sanchez and 35 year old Wilson Pacheco who were fishing by the Dam. According to the article, when one of the men slipped and fell into the river, the other tried to rescue him but was unsuccessful and both men's bodies had to be recovered by crews from New Milford and Brookfield.

This is not the first time this season there had to be a daring rescue on the river near the Dam. Back in April, crews from the same Water Witch Hose Company No.2 had to pull two other people from the water when their fishing boat overturned. Another person was pulled to safety by a private boat. Fire crews reported no injuries in that rescue.

In response to the recent problems on the river, police are reporting that residents should start to see posters by the river and public service announcements that will be geared to increase public awareness of the dangers that can lie beneath the river.

There will also be no swimming and no fishing signs posted as well.

Here's a look at the official warning you can expect to see around the area and posted by the river.

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