Connecticut resident and actor Sam Waterston from Law and Order and Frankie and Grace fame decided he wanted to pitch in.

According to, it was the first time Shanice had ever voted and when she arrived at the polls in Waterbury she noticed people inside the polling location were asking for her driver's autograph. Shanice had no idea her driver was the famous actor, Sam Waterston who ended up wearing a Jahana Hayes campaign t-shirt. Hayes won the race for Connecticut's 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday.

From 1994 to 2007 Waterston played Executive Assistant District Attorney, Jack McCoy on the legendary TV show, Law and Order. After Fred Thompson left the show to return to politics after the 17th season in '07, Waterston's character Jack McCoy was promoted to District Attorney where he remained through the 20th season in 2010.

Back in the day when Omelette was my morning show partner from '01 until' '05, we came up with a contest to give away a pair of phenomenal concert tickets. We told listeners that if they knew any high profile celebrities and they were able to talk them into calling the show, they would be in the running for those tickets. You guessed it, one of our guy listeners was able to get Sam Waterston to call the show. We ended up chatting with Sam for about 15 minutes.

Other celebs that called in during the contest were DMX, who we hung up on because we thought it was a guy goofing with us. It really was DMX and he was all sorts of pissed off. Former New York Mets first baseman, Keith Hernandez also gave us a ring. We ended up talking baseball with Keith for about 20 minutes!

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