Scary movie fans and paranormal enthusiasts of Connecticut, do you need a chill in the air to enjoy your scary movies and ghost stories? The summertime is just as creepy and mysterious. There's a slew of spooky events happening around here leading up to Halloween, and if you like your entertainment a bit on the spooky side, here are a few coming up.

If you like watching scary movies under the stars with complete strangers around you, and really, who doesn't? Get up to Hartford's Constitution Plaza on Saturday evenings this Summer. Spooky Popcorn is what has dubbed their free outdoor movie festival, they'll be showing a flick at 8PM every Saturday night from July 13 - August 31. A classic will be shown on the big screen, bring your lawn chairs, snacks and blankets. Some of the movies scheduled are Get Out, Donnie Darko, The Fog, Cujo, and Alien.

Facebook/Terror At Quassy
Facebook/Terror At Quassy

The dark and mysterious ParaConn4 is coming Saturday and Sunday July 20-21, 2024 at the Baldwin Center in Stratford. It's a two day festival packed with guests and speakers, psychic mediums, paranormal researchers, and demon/ghost hunters. There will also be over 50 vendors peddling unique goods and services.

An incredible place to check out will be open on the 4th of July 2024, and Friday - Sunday 6-9 after, it's Witches Dungeon Classic Movie Museum. Located on East Main Street in Plainville, this incredible Non-profit Organization stands as a tribute to the actors and effects artists of classic fantasy/monster/horror films, and it was curated by the great-nephew of Henry Hull, the werewolf in 'Werewolf of London'. This is a true treasure of Connecticut.

Credit - Google
Credit - Google

In Mystic, you might see the ghosts of Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, and Vincent D'Onofrio still haunting the locals on one of's walking ghost tours. Does a Mystic Moonlit Graveyard Ghost Tour or a Spirits of Mystic: Cocktail Pub Crawl sound fun? There's walking tours available to book most every evening from now right through Halloween.

Sun and fun? Or gloom and doom? How about both.

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