Travel & Leisure recently released their list of the 9 Best Places to Live in Connecticut. Unlike many similar rankings based mainly on Google analytics, Travel & Leisure took a different approach by consulting Connecticut real estate agents to compile their Top 9 cities and towns.

Let's dive into their choices and see if your hometown made the cut:

9. Weston

8. Westport

7. New Haven

6. Stamford

5. Old Greenwich

4. Glastonbury

3. Farmington

2. Weatogue

1. Hartford

My issue with these lists highlighting the best places in Connecticut is that they often yield very predictable results. Places like Wilton, Weston, and Greenwich always appear, and while they are undoubtedly beautiful communities, the Greater Danbury area never gets any love.

I anticipated frustration with this list due to the usual suspects being prominently featured, and largely, that expectation held true. However, what caught me off guard was the inclusion of New Haven and Hartford. Really? Does anyone actually believe that living in crime-laden cities like Hartford and New Haven surpasses the appeal of living in New Milford, Brookfield, Bethel, or Danbury?

I'm not opposed to city living nor am I exclusively advocating for country settings. I appreciate city life myself, and I believe Stamford is a fantastic choice. But let's be realistic with these lists. That is poppycock.

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