Let me set the scene for you.

Last week I was driving to work in the wee hours of the morning. It's around 5:15 am and I'm cruising up West Ceder in Poughkeepsie, New York. If you're familiar with the area, you know that this is the area of the Marist college dorms and a few of the off-campus houses.

I've worked at Townsquare Media for over 10 years and in the past have seen some wild parties at all hours of the day on West Ceder, but what I saw last Thursday was a first.

Naked Mile at Marist College?

As I start driving up the hill I see someone running rather fast. At first, I just thought it was someone working out. However, as I got closer I noticed this man was buck naked! After a quick double take I see said naked man jump into the bushes, circled below:

Google Maps
Google Maps

After another quick glance around my surroundings, I saw another man filming the naked man on his run.

So maybe the kid lost I bet or had to run a Naked Mile after losing in Beer Pong (is that still a thing?) and his friend filmed it for TikTok. In my head, he was "hanging out" with a friend and their significant other came home. It's the better story, but I digress.

Is Streaking Illegal in New York State?

This whole situation got me thinking if what the naked man doing was illegal. A quick review of LawFletcher.com determines that yes, running naked is illegal in New York. They explain further writing:

New York State law provides that exposure of a Person (P.L. 245.01) can be charged when you show your private parts in public. Public lewdness (P.L. 245.00) is more serious and can be charged if the exposure is intentional and in a lewd manner. Either one can lead to an embarrassing record that is often unwarranted when considering the entire context of what occurred. Despite the fact that most people believe they know when someone's conduct has crossed the line and become lewd or criminally improper, the law, set forth below, is less than clear.

In their defense, it was very early in the morning, dark and they probably didn't think someone would be driving to work at that hour. Sorry to rain on your parade, Naked Man.

Maybe next time you lose a bet eat 24 pancakes in 24 hours or wear a funny sign outside the dorms. You know, so you don't get fined or arrested. Just a thought...

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