Grab the popcorn, this is a mini-Dierkseries.

Dierks Bentley has an amazingly beautiful video for his song, Black. The video and the album itself have a great story behind it which I explored in another article

. But this four video series is Hollywood all the way.

Four of the songs from his album, also titled "Black", are the background of each video. He takes us on a journey as we follow two star crossed lovers who get into a lot more trouble than they bargained for.


  • Episode 1- I'll Be The Moon

    Maren Morris helps Dierks Bentley out with the song. Here's episode 1 of this mini-Dierkseries where we meet the star-crossed lovers.


  • 2

    Episode 2 - What The Hell Did I Say?

    In episode 2, the plot thickens and we see the boyfriend going through the woman's phone and finding texts from her other lover.

  • 3

    Episode 3 - Pick Up

    Episode 3 doesn't go well for the abusive boyfriend.


  • 4

    Episode 4 - Black

    This final episode is a very steamy video which first finds the lovers running away to a motel and after the woman is seen washing blood from her arms, there is a surprise ending.


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