I watch CBS Sunday morning every week, and this week's episode featured a story about a wonderful scavenger hunt for hidden glass orbs that takes place on Block Island. It's called The Glass Float Project, and 550 numbered and decorated glass orbs are hidden around the Island for the average person to find and keep. It's become a very popular tourist attraction.

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You don't have to take the ferry over to Block Island to do some scavenging, you can do it right now in Fairfield and Litchfield County. The Connecticut version of Block Island's glass orb hunt is being put on by the folks behind the historic Merwynsville Hotel Restoration Project in Gaylordsville. According to their website, 122 clear & colored glass orbs were created by Nunwell Glass in Lakeville, and hidden at historic sites and non-profits throughout Litchfield and Fairfield County, basically up and down the Rt. 7 corridor in Greater Danbury.

If you're looking for a hint as to where to find one, a few have been found already, and those were found by the Little Red Schoolhouse in Gaylordsville, the Kent Historical Society, Tapping Reeve House, the Danbury Railway Museum, The Silo, the Brookfield Craft Center, and Harrybrooke Park, just to name a few. Speaking of Harrybrooke Park, I have some good info for you -

There's an orb waiting for you in Harrybrooke Park today, with a nice hint to where it's located. I won't list all of the associated locations here, click on the Merwinsville Hotel Restoration Project website for the full list of locations where you can start your own glass orb scavenger hunt today.

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