Why on Earth would police arrest a man for trying to smooch his wife?

The caper allegedly went down at the Regal Care Nursing Home in Fairfield when 91-year-old Heinz Vonkuthy attempted to kiss his 77-year-old wife. Vonkuthy told CT Post that his wife was happy to see him, but they made him leave. He said, "It was very strange."

How can a man be arrested for criminal trespass when he's trying to give his wife a quick peck on the cheek? Are you ready for this? The police report states that the manager of Regal Care, Onyeabo Ekekwe, told police "he could not allow Vonkuthy near his wife because they were concerned he would pass items to his wife through his mouth." What?!

The police report also states that officers have been dispatched to the nursing home 26 times and that Vonkuthy doesn't respect the rules implemented by Regal Care. He was charged with criminal trespass and then released with a promise to appear in court.

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